Ways your Support Helps AIM

  • Monday Group  -  weekly, facilitator-led meetings for AIMers to focus on independent living skills and building community
  • Social & Fitness Facilitators
  • Special Olympics Team Expenses
  • Curriculum & Educational Materials
  • Safety Support Initiatives
  • Transportation Expenses - so AIMers can get to work and AIM activities 

Support the Vendors who

Support Us


If you would like to contribute to our cause, we offer the following options:

Payment via Check:

Please contact us at info@aimtx.org and we will provide you with an address where you can send a donation.

Payment via Credit Card:

Click the link below to donate through Pay Pal.

We appreciate any support you can lend us, whether that be a cash donation, a non-cash donation of items we could use to accomplish our mission, donation of your time or your services.

We would not be able to make independent living a reality without support from people like you.

AIM has 501(c)(3) approval with the IRS.  Any donations made will be tax-deductible as allowable.


Sponsor our Tutus and Ties Fun Run on October 6, 2019.

John McNerney with American Solutions for Business will donate 20% of the profit on promotional items or apparel ordered from him.  Contact John at 512-450-8911 or jmcnerney@americanbus.com for information on the types of products he can provide.

John developed the fun run logo and provided AIM with our 2017 and 2018 Tutus and Ties Fun Run shirts at cost and they turned out amazing!

Contact us below if you are interested in a volunteer opportunity.  If you are interested in the full text of our policies, please make note below in the Message section and a copy can be provided to you. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for smart, talented, compassionate people with a dedication to helping adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  Below are a few ways that we could use your help:

  • Assemble Cookbooks
  • Coordinate a Learning Activity
  • Coordinate a Social Activity
  • ​Assist at a Fundraising Event
  • Coach an AIM Special Olympics Team
  • Data Entry / Administrative Assistance
  • Video Production
  • Technology Assistance


Our cookbook is perfect for people learning to cook, people with intellectual disabilities, and college students or retirees who just want some quick, easy recipes.

Our recipes have few steps, few ingredients and little to no use of a stovetop.

Adults Independent and Motivated

Making Independence Possible