Making Independence Possible

Adults Independent and Motivated

AIMers enjoying a Monday Group activity

AIM Sparks Basketball


AIM Programming

By living in an apartment surrounded by friends with IDD and within walking distance to shops, restaurants, and a library; residents are able to live a more typical adult life.  AIM activities to promote independence include:

  • Monday Group - A weekly facilitator-led meeting for AIMers to learn and socialize with each other.
  • Socials - Five socials per month for AIMers and Prospective AIMers.  Four are fun, active events led by volunteers and the other is typically social in nature.
  • Exercise Club - A weekly exercise session led by an AIM parent and held in the exercise room of the apartment complex to help promote an active lifestyle.
  • AIM Sparks Basketball - AIM's Special Olympics Basketball team 
  • Volunteer Opportunities - AIMers give back by volunteering in the community.
  • Downtime - by design, AIM leaves plenty of empty spaces in AIMers lives.  Space they can use to do nothing, unwind, or plan their own activities with their friends.
  • Transportation - so AIMers can get to work and AIM activities.