Adults Independent and Motivated


AIM does not charge a fee for participation in our program.  AIMers incur the regular costs associated with adult life, including rent, utilities, medical care, entertainment, and food.  For those who share an apartment with a roommate, their half of the rent should start around $650 for a 1-bedroom unit and $750 for a 2-bedroom unit.  

Although AIMers are quite independent, they do need some support.  For example, they might need assistance with menu planning, making sure their apartment is clean and free of hazards, figuring out work schedules, assistance paying bills or managing medications, etc.  Families provide that assistance themselves or hire an attendant utilizing Medicaid waiver programs or private pay.

All current AIMers are employed and very proud of the fact that they are able to help support themselves.  In the event that expenses exceed an AIMers income, families are willing to help cover the difference.

Making Independence Possible