Tutus and Ties Fun Run

October 7, 2018

Lakeway City Park

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Bud Welborn - Lakeway

Our Mission

Adults Independent and Motivated

Adults Independent and Motivated (AIM) is a small community of active adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who live independently, with appropriate supports, in a walkable, vibrant area of Central Texas.


  • Must have an intellectual and/or developmental disability (i.e. TBI, Down Syndrome, Autism, etc.)
  • Must function relatively independently and be able to engage in group activities without an individual aide or attendant
  • Must want to actively participate in the AIM community
  • Must be able to follow established Behavioral Guidelines
  • Must behave in a cooperative manner without being a danger to self or others
  • Must provide their own independent living supports
  • Must have family members willing to be hands-on with their AIMer and the AIM community
  • Must interact with other potential participants over an extended period of time prior to joining the program to determine if they are indeed compatible.  Compatibility among participants is essential to ensure a vibrant community.

Making Independence Possible

2017 Sponsors & Donors

How do I know if AIM is right for me?

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Sponsors and Donors for making independence possible for those we serve!